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Rock Solid Aerial has a long history in photography and videography dating back to enlargers, darkrooms, and 35mm film. Starting back in the mid 1980’s, we have been a part of this great evolution of capturing life with heavy single shot cameras to cameras that can now FLY! We are so excited about the technological advances in our industry that has elevated us to a whole new level. (Pun intended!)

We have been flying UAV’s for over 5 years and have had great success in helping our clients find the look they need from the air. Our best in class equipment allows us to provide top quality images and video to illuminate your purpose to the fullest.

We are a DJI Affiliate and all of our aircraft are DJI products, the true leaders in professional aerial photography and videography.



DJI INSPIRE 2 “Senior”

Our DJI INSPIRE 2 has surpassed all Quadcopters with it’s new 5.2K video capabilities and 20.8 MP still images is better than most handheld cameras. The new Zenmuse X5S camera allows for interchangeable lenses that can give the camera operator the ability to take more cinematic videos and intimate photos. “Senior” transforms the landscape of photography to give you the best angles possible without restriction. With the ability to take SLR camera photos from any height, your photos will not only stand out, they will inspire.

DJI INSPIRE 1 “Dronie”

Our DJI INSPIRE 1 craft has the ability to film smooth 4k video and take 12 MP still shots that look like they are on a tripod from anywhere below 400ft to surface.* It’s remarkable 3 axis gimbal system allows for steady shots in difficult wind and flight conditions. It constantly draws on data fed by the intelligent flight controller to correct for changes in flight every millisecond. Our major uses for this unit is for cinematic features and high level quality shots. It’s 1/2.3″ sensor supports for RAW images which give us great range in producing quality photos and videos.



The Mavic Pro has enabled us to be able to do most of our documentation flights with much greater efficiency and give us the flexibility to use it in some of the most adverse conditions. Junior, named for its ability to fold down to the size of a 1 liter water bottle, has the ability to travel lightly. We have been able to get to some places that we could not get our bigger drones to because of the amount of luggage required to fly it. But don’t let the size fool you, this is a strong UAV. 4k video at 30fps, 3 directional safety sensors, allow us to get closer to things than ever before, without the fear of damaging the unit or the environment. It is a great unit that we have with us at all times, just in case.

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