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We have been in the marketing field for over 15 years and photography for 30, specializing in images┬áthat can gain ATTENTION. In today’s world, a photograph or video alone can not gain the attention that it used to, which makes PERSPECTIVE a real game changer.

The internet, advancement in technology, and social media have given us the ability to post images of everything from our current meal to national landmarks. Our media center in our pocket (Doubling as our cell phone) gives you the ability to document almost everything that is happening around you. That being said, standard photos and videos from a normal perspective are in such high supply that it no longer is an attention grabber.

Take for example this photo:

Ground Level Photo from 75 yards away

20 Years ago this would have been enough to entice people to play golf. The green grass, the blue skies, and the hole slightly in the distance would stand out. The other indoor and staged photos that filled newspapers and magazines across the nation would pale in comparison to this beautiful outdoor image.

IN 2017, THINGS have changed. Thousands of golfers across the world post this exact photo every day. It is a common shot now that does not gain any additional interest if you are not connected to the person that took the photo.


We give you a different perspective.

Photos like this draw your ATTENTION because it is a PERSPECTIVE that we rarely see. And in marketing and photography ATTENTION is the game. WOW attention makes you win.

Our services do just that. Rock Solid Aerial (@rocksolidaerial on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram) will highlight areas of your golf course to gain interest that sparks traffic. We can get the attention that has been slowly sneaking away. Send us an email and let us show you what we can do for you!